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Transform your home with 2017 cabinetry trends

2017 is set to sizzle with the latest cabinetry trends that will turn your home into a showroom.

What is fashion forecasting for kitchen cabinetry trends this year? Sleek panelling, light wood, minimalist finishes and appliances hidden away inside beautiful drawers are some of the kitchen décor styles that are walking off the latest magazine pages and into kitchens across the world.

Gone are the days when kitchens were tucked away in the corner of your home, void of personality and style. Present-day homeowners prefer open plan kitchens that seamlessly blend into the surrounding décor, creating an ambience of comfort and inclusion.

Here are a few of the top cabinetry trends for 2017 set to dominate the world of kitchen décor:

Wide cabinets and drawers

Not only are deep drawers and cabinets the ideal solution to a lack of kitchen storage space, but wide draws help create a seamless, modern and stylish look.

Beautifully styled, the cabinetry is cut from wood or prefinished board, into wide drawers that glide smoothly along sturdy runners. This allows the cabinets or drawers to be easily opened and closed.

Wide cabinets and drawers are no longer a dream of the past when cabinets were shallow because they couldn’t bear heavy loads. With the evolution of runners, cabinets and drawers have also evolved, becoming a must-have in any modern kitchen.

Tall cabinets

Short cabinets are a thing of the past – along with shallow drawers and window netting. 2017 trends are calling for brighter and taller cabinets, giving small spaces a more spacious appearance and allowing them to showcase their more vibrant characteristics. Taller cabinets make kitchens appear sleeker and their ceilings higher. With the right cabinetry style, even your messy scullery will add aesthetic value to the heart of your home.

Automated cabinets

This is the stuff kitchen dreams are made of. Automatic cabinets, like Blum Servo Drive, open and close with the simple touch of your hand, knee, hip, toe, or nose – if you prefer. Automated cabinets don’t bow under reasonable weight, and they open and close quietly. The best part is that you can choose any kitchen and cabinetry designs to complement your new hands-free kitchen environment.

Automated cabinets will complement your stylish new kitchen cupboards and drawers; they are also handle-less giving your kitchen a futuristic look. They can’t prepare meals just yet, but this popular technology is making a big impact with interior designers and homeowners.

Refined colours

As mentioned before, bigger and brighter are the order of the day with 2017’s predicted cabinetry trends, however, for those who prefer a more timeless style, white and neutral colours are the preferred choice.

Falling in with the brighter side of things, the refined and earthy hues work well in the kitchen. Tall cabinets and long, deep drawers in white finishes or light greys complement marble countertops to create a seamless look and feel – if you prefer the contemporary style.

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